Dr. Dan Dirzu

Doctor in stiinte
Anestezie si terapie intensiva
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Dr. Dan Dirzu

Cursuri postuniversitare:

  • National course of guidelines and protocols in Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (GPATI) 2013: Early goal directed therapy of sepsis in Emergency Department
  • ESCTAIC Meeting 2014 Bronchoscopy in ICU –  old technique, new contexts !?
  • GPATI 2015 Common modes of mechanical ventilation
  • ESCTAIC Meeting 2016 Role of simulation in medical education
  • GPATI 2016 Legal challenges of critical patient in Emergency Department
  • MediSim 2015 The First Conference of Simulation Applied in Medicine Effectiveness versus efficiency in medical skills laboratory
  • Emergency Medicine Actualities conference 2015 Legal challenges of critical patient in Emergency Department
  • Romanian veterinary and critical care society meeting 2015 Acid base deficits in cats and dogs.
  • CEEA (Committee for European Education in Anaesthesiology) 2016 Ultrasound and Anesthesia – basic knowledge
  • Difficult Airway Symposium 2016 - Simulation Role in difficult airway training
  • ARAR meeting 2016 Simulation role in teaching regional anesthesia
  • CEEA 2017 Postoperative pain protocols based on surgical procedure -  a summary of PROSPECT recommendations.
  • Emergency Medicine Actualities conference 2017    Anesthesia and analgesia in limb trauma
  • MediSim 2017 Conference of Simulation Applied in Medicine - Simulation role in regional anesthesia training
  • GPATI 2017 Anesthetist role in neoplasic pain
  • ARAR 2017 Basic ultrasound physics for anesthesiologist
  • European society of regional anesthesia and pain therapy annual congress (ESRA)  2017 CSE AND ITS ROLE IN HIGH RISK PATIENTS
  • XIXth meeting of National Anatomy Society 2018 Sono-anatomy for regional anesthesia
  • Emergency Medicine Today meeting 2018 Management of sepsis in Emergency Departament
  • ARAR  2018 Interventional treatment  for neoplasia pain, Combined spinal epidural  for high risk surgical patient
  • SRATI 2018 (Romanian Society of Anesthesia) QL is anesthesia of choice for abdominal surgery
  • SRATI 2019 Epidural is still the anesthesia of choice for colorectal procedures.

Publicatii :

  • Manual of Aneasthesia and Intensive Care for IV year students – Hagau et all Cluj Napoca,  2007
  • Guideline of medical and surgical manoeuvres Gherman et all Romanian, French and English editions, coauthor „Editura Căr?ii de ?tiin?ă” 2017 ISBN 978-606-17-1169-7; 978-606-17-1165-9; 978-606-17-1167-3
  • Guidline of medical and surgical techniques Gherman et all Romanian, French and English editions, coauthor „Editura Căr?ii de ?tiin?ă” 2017 ISBN 978-606-17-1168-0, 978-606-17-1166-6, 978-606-17-1164-2
  • First aid manual for first year students, Hagau et all Romanian and English versions Cluj Napoca 2010, reedited 2016 ISBN: 978-973-693-674-6, 978-973-693-675-3
  • Postoperative recovery of critical patient – manual for students Hagau et all, Editura medicala universitara „Iuliu Ha?ieganu” Cluj Napoca 2016, ISBN 978-973-693-673-9
  • Pain Management: A Problem-Based Learning Approach Anitescu M., Oxford University Press USA, 2018 DOI: 10.1093/med/9780190271787.001.0001
  • Oxford Handbook of Regional anesthesia Romanian Edition – Warman, Conn, Nicholls, Wilkinson,  Dirzu, Onutu, Bodolea 2017, Ed. Hipocrate, ISBN: 9783829767491

Participare la studii clinice:

  • EUSOS clinical study local coordinator - http://eusos.esicm.org/
  • ELOISE clinical study local coordinator - http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01422070
  • POPULAR clinical study local coordinator - http://www.esahq.org/POPULAR
  • Met-Repair clinical study local coordinator - http://www.esahq.org/met-repair
  • ALERGOCIT - http://www.granturi.umfcluj.ro/Alergocit/rezumaten.html

Membru in societati medicale:

  • Membru fondator si Presedinte al Asociatiei Romane de Anestezie Regionala si Terapia Durerii (ARAR), reprezentanta în Romsnia a societstii Europene omonime (ESRA).
  • Membru in Comitetul Director a Societatii Europene de Anestezie Regionala si Terapia Durerii.

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