Dr. Clarisa Birlog

Competenta in chirurgie laparoscopica

Arii de interes medical:

  • chirurgie oncologica
  • chirurgia sanului
  • chirurgie endocrina

Cursuri postuniversitare:

  • 2013: Bucuresti, Workshop de cancer rectal, UMF Carol Davila
  • 2014: Bucuresti, Patologie pancreatica – workshop de ecoendoscopie pancreatica, Asocia?ia de Patologie Pancreatica din Romania
  • 2014: Bucuresti, Workshop de cancer gastric, UMF Carol Davila
  • 2015: Porto, Multidisciplinary Advances in Personalized Breast Cancer Surgery – summer school, INESC Portugal
  • 2015: Lisabona, Oncoplastic Breast Surgery – clinical immersion, Champalimaud Clinical Center
  • 2015: Bucuresti, Workshop de imagistica pancreatica, Asocia?ia Romana de Chirurgie Hepato-bilio-pancreatica si Transplant Hepatic
  • 2016: Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2019: Bucuresti, Biopsia ganglionului santinela in malignita?i, Surgical Training Institute Ponderas Academic Hospital
  • 2019: Leiden, Fluorescence Guided Surgery, European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)
  • 2019: Madrid, Localization Techniques in Breast Cancer Surgery, ESSO
  • 2019: Bucuresti, Advanced Course On Breast Cancer Surgery, ESSO


  • In construction – from liver surgery to breast unit, a team experience, Ginghina O., Iosifescu R., Zamfir M., Spanu A., Mardare M., Birlog C., Nitipir C., Barbu M., Pantelimon I., Calin C., Chis M., Negrei C., Stan A., Jinga D., Sturdza A., Filip G., Lazar G., Zugravu G., Giuglea C., Iordache N., European Journal of Surgical Oncology 2019 45(2):e106
  • Multifactorial pulmonary hypertension – the role of the surgeon, Ginghina O., Spanu A., Mardare M., Birlog C., Iosifescu R., Calin C., Niculae A., Peride I., Vacaroiu I., Checherita I., Iordache N. – case study, Pulmonary Hypertension, supervised by Carmen Ginghina, Editura Medicala Antaeus, Bucharest, Romania, 2017
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  • Laparoscopic treatment for multiple inguinal hernias - case report, Lucica Timisescu, Clarisa Gidea, N. Iordache, Jurnalul de Chirurgie (Iasi), 2013, Vol. 9, Nr. 2

Membru in:

  • Societatea Romana de Chirurgie SRC
  • Asociatia Romana de Chirurgie Endoscopica ARCE
  • European Society of Surgical Oncology ESSO
  • European Society of Medical Oncology ESMO