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Dr. Laurentiu Bujor

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Preturile afisate pe site sunt cele standard. In functie de gradul profesional si experienta fiecarui medic, de situatia medicala concreta a pacientului si de politica comerciala companiei, acestea pot varia si pot suferi modificari. Va rugam sa verificati corectitudinea acestora in call center: 021.9268

Arii de interes medical:

  • Radioterapie stereotaxica ablativa body (sabr)
  • Radiochirurgie
  • Brahiterapie interstitiala
  • Cancerul de prostata
  • Tumori cerebrale
  • Cancere orl
  • Cancere digestive
  • Cancere ginecologice
  • Limfoame malgne
  • Cancer pulmonar
  • Sarcoame de parti moi
  • Boala oligometastatica
  • Cancerul mamar
  • Metastaze cu punct de plecare neprecizat

Cursuri /congrese postuniversitare:

  • 2015: Head and neck brachytherapy, Oscar Lambret Ctr, Lille, France;
  • 2015: 57th ASTRO Meeting, San Antonio, EUA
  • 2016: 35th ESTRO Congress, Turin, Italy
  • 2016: 58th ASTRO Annual Meeting, Boston, EUA
  • 2016: ASTRO/ABS Prostate brachytherapy simulation Workshop, ASTRO 58th, Boston, EUA
  • 2016: Prostate and gyneco brachytherapy, Paul Straus Ctr, Strasbourg, France
  • 2017: 36th ESTRO Congress, Vienna, Austria
  • 2017: 59th ASTRO Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA
  • 2018: 37th ESTRO Congress, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2018: ESTRO Course on multidisciplinary management of head and neck cancer, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2019: ESTRO Course on lower GI: technical and clinical challenges for radiation oncologists. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2019: ESTRO Course on upper GI: technical and clinical challenges for radiation oncologists. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2019: 61st ASTRO Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA
  • 2019: ESTRO Course on multidisciplinary management of breast cancer patients, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2019: Interventional brahitherapy in head and neck cancer, Universita Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy


  • 95 de comunicari/postere congrese nationale si internationale
  • 9 articole in reviste internationale indexate:
    • Variation in tumor level of cis-platinum through a course of fractionated radiotherapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Tumori, 1998.
    • Taxol as a radiosensitizer : a propose schedule based on in vitro data and pharmacokinetic calculation. European journal of cancer , 1997.
    • Combined radiotherapy and bleomycin in patients with inoperable head and neck cancer with unfavourable prognostic factors and severe symptoms. European journal of cancer, 2011.
    • Thoracic radiation therapy and concomitant low-daily dose paclitaxel in non-small cell lung cancer-a phase i study. Oncology reports ,2005.
    • Anal canal plasmocytoma-an anusual site of presentation. Reports practical oncology radiotherapy, 2011.
    • 3d conformal hypofractionated radical radiotherapy in early glottic cancer. Reports practical oncology radiotherapy, 2013.
    • Cervical node of unknown primary: patterns of care and factors influencing the choice of clinical target volume. Oral oncology, 2014.
    • A case of post-radiotherapy gastritis-radiation does not explain everything. Case reports in oncology, 2015.
    • Interstitial high-dose-rate brachytherapy in eylid cancer. Brachytherapy, 2015.

Membru al:

  • Societatii Europene de Radioterapie Oncologie  (ESTRO)
  • Societatii Europene de Oncologie medicala (ESMO)
  • Membru international al Societatii Americane de Radioterapie Oncologie (ASTRO)
  • Societatii Europene de Urologie (EUA)
  • Ordinului National al Medicilor din Franta (CNOM)