Regina Maria Health Network launches the virtual Clinic, a platform for online consultations

Regina Maria Health Network launches the virtual Clinic, a platform for online consultations

The new service, developed in record time with Microsoft Romania, offers patients the opportunity to benefit from medical consultations from their home, offering the closest alternative to the classic consultation, encouraging in this way the responsible behavior and isolation imposed by the authorities.

In the context generated by the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and in full agreement with the measures imposed by the authorities, REGINA MARIA health network assures its subscribers the possibility to continue to access the medical services they need, through the Virtual Clinic platform.

Online consultations are followed by a complete medical report containing, depending on necessity, guidance regarding the recommended treatment that is accepted by pharmacists in order to purchase prescribed medicine. The consultation is saved in the subscriber's medical file, thus ensuring continuity of the patient's medical history. Currently, the service benefits from the availability of more than 100 doctors from various medical specialties,  such as internal medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, pediatrics, dermatology, pediatric psychology and nutrition counseling. In the next period, the capacity of the Virtual Clinic will increase considerably, as more and more doctors from the health network will move their activity to the online clinic.

"In most difficult times, medicine remains a vital field, which must adapt with agility and responsibility, to all the challenges - even those we are facing for the first time. We are with our patients and subscribers, for whom we have developed in an extraordinary short time the most complex virtual medical solution on the market, connected to the medical history of each patient, with consultations and recommendations that will be saved in the file. In this way, we ensure the continuity of medical care even during the period of isolation, because the health cannot be put on pause. ”, says Fady Chreih, CEO REGINA MARIA Health Network.

The medical services of REGINA MARIA Virtual Clinic can be accessed by subscribers at no additional cost, directly from "My Account" application, both from the computer browser and from the mobile application. The discussion with the doctor will be facilitated through Microsoft Teams, that can be downloaded for free before the consultation begins.

“These are times when each of us must contribute to the best of our abilities to the safety and wellbeing of our communities – and that applies to us as individuals, but also to the companies and organizations we represent. The last couple of weeks and the sense of utmost urgency they brought meant a truly inspirational effort from everyone involved in developing and deploying this solution who went from idea to live operations in less than 10 days. It is our unwavering commitment, to provide the necessary technology infrastructure to all communities in which we operate, helping organizations to achieve more. On this occasion, our effort was centered on enabling patients to receive crucial health advice and on empowering doctors to provide care remotely, while removing the need for unnecessary travel and exposure. To be able to achieve that is a small but important contribution to the ongoing battle that our medical professionals are giving every single day.” -  Violeta Luca, General Manager, Microsoft Romania.

Regina Maria’s Telemedicine solution is based on a deep integration between the internal patients’ application, Medis and Microsoft Teams to offer a seamless experience for both patients and doctors. Our patients will be able to book a medical appointment via Call Center, which is confirmed by an email with a Teams Meeting Invite. At the appointed time both doctors and patients join the Teams meeting for a real-time face-to-face like experience, only by clicking link in the invite. Integration with Medis application ensures that patients personal data remains secure, protected and up to date.

The REGINA MARIA Virtual Clinic was launched with priority for subscribers and tested as a pilot project, and in the following days it will be gradually accessible to all subscriber companies. In a few days, the service will become available to all REGINA MARIA patients, subscribers or non-subscribers, according to the law.