Regina Maria Executive Profiles

Guided by Mid Europa Partners, one of the most established independent private equity firms in Europe, ensures strategic vision and direction, constantly investing in REGINA MARIA’s expansion.

In REGINA MARIA, the patient experience is our ultimate goal and the essence of everything we do.

Our mission and vision translate into strategic directions and objectives, starting from a very clearly defined set of values, which are the basis of all our actions and decisions. We aim to build a healthcare network that supports the community, by genuinely caring about people, investing in the training of future medical leaders, to whom we provide the framework they need to grow to the highest professional standards.

We are here to determine positive change and to contribute sustainably to the development of Romanian medicine.

The role of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is to support the REGINA MARIA strategy in the medium and long term, from a medical perspective.

Comprised of medical directors from REGINA MARIA hospitals, as well as by other medical leaders or chief physicians with relevant experience in certain specialties, MAC evaluates, debates and approves all aspects related to the good organization and functioning of our medical units, in order for patients to benefit from the same high-quality services, regardless of the medical center they visit.

Thus, MAC is directly involved in standardizing our proccesses and services, supporting top medical quality, patient safety and creating similar positive experiences for all REGINA MARIA patients.