Dr. Dan Dimitriu

Medical Director, Bucharest Clinical Hospitals

Dr. Dan Dimitriu joined our team 11 years ago as Internal Medicine Physician. He subsequently took over the “Medical Advisor” team, charged with the medical treatment of subscribers. Starting 2012 he collaborated with the Department of Quality and Patient Safety, ensuring the observance of medical flows in clinical hospitals at the highest possible standards.

Over the years, he has contributed to the development of medical services for subscribers, as well as to the national and international accreditation processes for REGINA MARIA hospitals, including the Joint Commission accreditations of Băneasa Hospital and Ponderas Academic Hospital.

Starting 2018, Dan has been Medical Director of REGINA MARIA Clinical Hospitals in Bucharest and a member of the Consultative Medical Council at REGINA MARIA. In this position he is managing the medical activity of clinical hospitals, facilitating relations between the administration and healthcare professionals and ensuring the highest standards of medical care for patients of REGINA MARIA clinical hospitals.

Starting 2021, he has taken over as Medical Director of the Group’s entire network of clinical hospitals.