Dr. Clarisa Birlog

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Chirurgie generala
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Dr. Clarisa Birlog

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clarisa birlog

9.77 din 10 56 recenzii
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Ablatie formatiune tumorala
11100 Lei
Consult chirurgie generala
350 Lei
Consult in urgenta
435 Lei
Consult obezitate
415 Lei
Consult senologie
350 Lei
Control chirurgie generala
230 Lei
Cura laparoscopica a herniei inghinale unilaterale
7200 Lei
Excizie tromboza hemoroidala
390 Lei
Excizie tumora tesut celular subcutanat (chist sebaceu, lipom)
905 Lei
Extractie corp strain
325 Lei
Preturile afisate pe site sunt cele standard. In functie de gradul profesional si experienta fiecarui medic, de situatia medicala concreta a pacientului si de politica comerciala companiei, acestea pot varia si pot suferi modificari. Va rugam sa verificati corectitudinea acestora in call center: 021.9268

Arii de interes medical:

  • Chirurgia sanului
  • Chirurgia tubului digestiv
  • Chirurgia peretelui abdominal
  • Chirurgie ghidata prin fluorescenta
  • Chirurgie minim invaziva

Cursuri postuniversitare:

  • 2022: Fellow EAES (European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons) la IRCCS Policlinico Ospedale Maggiore, Milano - chirurgie ghidata prin fluorescenta, prof Luigi Boni
  • 2022: Certificare FUSE
  • 2021: Doctorand in stiinte medicale
  • 2021: Cursul pentru competenta in ultrasonografie generala, Scoala Nationala de Sanatate Publica
  • 2019: Bucuresti, Advanced Course On Breast Cancer Surgery, ESSO
  • 2019: Madrid, Localization Techniques in Breast Cancer Surgery, ESSO
  • 2019: Leiden, Fluorescence Guided Surgery, European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)
  • 2019: Bucuresti, Biopsia ganglionului santinela in malignitati, Surgical Training Institute Ponderas Academic Hospital
  • 2016: Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2015: Bucuresti, Workshop de imagistica pancreatica, Asociatia Romana de Chirurgie Hepato-bilio-pancreatica si Transplant Hepatic
  • 2015: Lisabona, Oncoplastic Breast Surgery – clinical immersion, Champalimaud Clinical Center
  • 2015: Porto, Multidisciplinary Advances in Personalized Breast Cancer Surgery – summer school, INESC Portugal
  • 2014: Bucuresti, Workshop de cancer gastric, UMF Carol Davila
  • 2014: Bucuresti, Patologie pancreatica – workshop de ecoendoscopie pancreatica, Asociatia de Patologie Pancreatica din Romania
  • 2013: Bucuresti, Workshop de cancer rectal, UMF Carol Davila


  • A novel indocyanine green fluorescence-guided laparoscopic technique to map the site of obscure gastrointestinal haemorrhage, Catalin Copaescu, Clarisa Birlog, Florin Turcu, Adrian Saftoiu, Chirurgia (Bucur) Jan-Feb 2021s 116(1)89-101
  • In construction – from liver surgery to breast unit, a team experience, Ginghina O., Iosifescu R., Zamfir M., Spanu A., Mardare M., Birlog C., Nitipir C., Barbu M., Pantelimon I., Calin C., Chis M., Negrei C., Stan A., Jinga D., Sturdza A., Filip G., Lazar G., Zugravu G., Giuglea C., Iordache N., European Journal of Surgical Oncology 2019 45(2):e106
  • Multifactorial pulmonary hypertension – the role of the surgeon, Ginghina O., Spanu A., Mardare M., Birlog C., Iosifescu R., Calin C., Niculae A., Peride I., Vacaroiu I., Checherita I., Iordache N. – case study, Pulmonary Hypertension, supervised by Carmen Ginghina, Editura Medicala Antaeus, Bucharest, Romania, 2017
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  • Evolution of a surgical patient with associated cardiologic conditions – case report, Imaging in cardiac patients, ed. supervised by Carmen Ginghina, Ed. Medicala, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
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  • Laparoscopic treatment for multiple inguinal hernias - case report, Lucica Timisescu, Clarisa Gidea, N. Iordache, Jurnalul de Chirurgie (Iasi), 2013, Vol. 9, Nr. 2


  • Use of indocyanine fluorescence in abdominal hernias with bowel incarceration – initial case series, video presentation, EAES Congress, Krakow, July 2022
  • Minimally invasive GI surgery guided by ICG fluorescence - lessons and remarks after 6 years, Clarisa Birlog, G. Filip, V. Tomulescu, C. Copaescu, National Congres of Surgery
  • Future of fluorescence guided surgery, ICG in digestive surgery, STI, Bucharest, May 2022
  • ICG in hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery, ICG in digestive surgery, STI, Bucharest, May 2022
  • Laparoscopic techniques in benign gynaecological pathology, Minimally Invasive Techniques for Gynaecological Pathology, STI, Bucharest, June 23-25, 2021
  • Basics of breast ultrasound, Breast Imaging – Fundamentals of Ultrasound, Mammography and Breast MRI. Interventional Ultrasound Techniques for Breast Tumor Localization and Biopsy, STI, Bucharest, June 3-4, 2021
  • ICG in liver surgery – video case report, Clarisa Birlog, Gerald Filip (ICG usage in gastrointestinal surgery, Surgical Training Institute, Bucharest, April 2021) -  EAES endorsed course
  • The axillary dissection in the era of sentinel lymph node biopsy, Clarisa Birlog, Andrada Spanu, Mara Mardare, R. Iosifescu, M. Zamfir, N. Iordache, O. Ginghina (Multidiscliplinary Congress of the Royal Medical Club of Romania, Bucharest, October 11-12, 2019)
  • Left subclavian and upper limb vein thrombosis in stage III C ovarian cancer, Andrada Spanu, R. Iosifescu, Mara Mardare, Clarisa Birlog, M. Zamfir, Camelia Calin, A. Stoica, D. Jinga, N. Iordache, O. Ginghina (National Conference of Surgery, Iasi, Romania, October 4-7th 2017)
  • Hiatal hernia – experience in the last 10 years of the general surgery department of Sf Ioan Emergency Clinical Hospital, C. Ungureanu, O. Ginghina. R. Iosifescu, A. Stoica, M. Ionescu, M. Zamfir, Fl. Turcu, Alina Iorgulescu, R.Iorgulescu, D. Ghiga, R. Mirica, Carmen Gorgan, Clarisa Birlog, M. Litescu, N.Iordache (National Conference of Surgery, Iasi, Romania, October 4-7th 2017)
  • Peritoneal dialysis – another contraindication to laparoscopy? O. Ginghina, R. Iosifescu, Andrada Spanu, Mara Mardare, Clarisa Birlog, R. Mirica, M. Zamfir, C. Bucur, R. Munteanu, N. Iordache (National Conference of Surgery, Iasi, Romania, October 4-7th 2017)
  • Florid intraductal papillomatosis – a rare benign nipple tumor, Clarisa Birlog, R.Iosifescu, O. Ginghina, Andrada Spanu, Camelia Vrabie, N. Iordache (ePoster – National Congress of Surgery, Sinaia, Romania, June 1-4 th 2016)
  • Junior surgeons’ learned lessons on initial experience in core biopsy for advanced breast cancer - Multidisciplinary Advances in Personalized Breast Cancer Surgery, Porto, Portugal, July 13th to 17th, 2015
  • Left Hepatectomy and RFA - the Salvage Solution for Rectal Adenocarcinoma with Multiple Liver Metastasis M. Zamfir-Chiru-Anton, O. Ginghina, R. Iosifescu, Clarisa Gidea, Andrada Spanu, Camelia Calin, N. Iordache (ePoster - The Xth Symposium of the Romanian Association of HBP and Liver Transplant, Bucharest, Romania, March 25-28th, 2015)
  •  Segment 1 Liver Metastasis - at the Beginning of the Road in HPB Surgery O.Ginghina, R. Iosifescu, Camelia Calin, Camelia Vrabie, Clarisa Gidea, Andrada Spanu, M. Zamfir, N. Iordache (ePoster - The Xth Symposium of the Romanian Association of HBP and Liver Transplant, Bucharest, Romania, March 25-28th, 2015)
  • Surgical anatomy of the liver and intrahepatic biliary tree, Workshop of pediatric laparoscopy: Laparoscopic approach of parenchymal and gastrointestinal organs, Bucharest, February 26-28th 2014
  • Laparoscopic approach of the pancreas: indications and principles of technique, Workshop of pediatric laparoscopy: Laparoscopic approach of parenchymal and gastrointestinal organs, Bucharest, February 26-28th 2014
  • Major complications in laparoscopic surgery - an objective approach, ESPES/GECI Congress, Marseille, 26-28th September 2013
  • Gastric sleeve – treatment for morbidly obese teenagers, ESPES/GECI Congress, Marseille, France, September 26-28th 2013
  • Disasters in laparoscopic surgery, SRCLP Workshop “News in the minimally invasive pediatric surgery”, Bucharest, Romania, March 28-29th 2013
  • Pelvic exenterations – initial experience and results, National Congress of Surgery, Cluj Napoca, Romania, May 3rd-6th, 2011

Membra a:

  • European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons - membru al Young Surgeons Committee EAES
  • European Society of Surgical Oncology ESSO
  • Societatea Romana de Chirurgie SRC
  • Asociatia Romana de Chirurgie Endoscopica ARCE
  • European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists EUSOMA
  • Societatea de Chirurgie a Sanului SCS
  • European Society of Medical Oncology ESMO