Dr. Marin Postu

Dr. Marin Postu

Arii de interes : 


  • Cardiologie Interventionala
  • Radiologie Interventionala
  • Angiologie

Cursuri postuniversitare: 

  • 1997-2000 Rezidentiat Radiologie si Imagistica Medicala, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 
  • 2000 Medic Specialist in Radiologie si Imagistica Medicala in Republica Moldova, prin examen de specialitate
  • 2000-2002 Secundariat In Cardiologie, Chisinau Republica Moldova
  • 2002 Medic Specialist In Cardiologie in Republica Moldova
  • 2003 Echivalarea Diplomei de Specialist in Radiologie si Imagistica Medicala In Romania, prin examenul de specialitate 
  • 2007-2013 Rezidentiat in Cardiologie, Bucuresti, Romania
  • 2012 Medic Primar Radiologie si Imagistica Medicala, prim examen de primariat
  • 2013 Medic Specialist in Cardiologie in Romania, prin examen de specialitate
  • 2014: Competenta In Cardiologia Interventionala



  • Works presented at congresses of the RSC and other national scientific meetings
  • Author / co-author of numerous original articles presented in the Romanian Journal of Cardiology
  • Co-author of "Cardiac Catheterization for the Clinician" under the red. D. Deleanu and C. Ginghina, Ed. Med. Anteus 2012
  • Co-author of the seven volumes of the series "Imaging Cardiac Illnesses" under the red. C. Ginghina, Ed. Medical
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2011
  • Operator in the LIVE case transmission for New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiolgy, Krakow, Poland 2011
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2012
  • Presentation of 3 cases at EuroPCR 2013
  • Case presentation at TCT 2013
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2014
  • Case presentation at TCT 2014
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2015
  • Session moderator at TCT 2015
  • Session moderator and case presentation at PCR 2016
  • Case presentation at TCT 2016
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2017
  • Session discussant and case commenter at TCT 2017
  • Case presentation at EuroPCR 2018
  • Session moderator and case presenter at PCR 2019
  • Session moderator and case presenter at TCT 2019

Participare la studii clinice: 

  • EuroHeart Survey (REVASC arm), Existing Study, REACH Registry, AURA study

Membru in : 

  • SRC (Societatea Romana de Cardiologie) 2014-2017 Secretar al Grupului de Lucru de Cardiologie Interventionala, 2017-2020 Pre?edintele Grupului de Lucru de Cardiologie Interventionala
  • ESC (European Society of Cardiology)
  • EAPCI (European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions ) 2020-2022 Membrul Comitetului Databases & Registries, 2020-2022 Membrul Comitetului International Affairs and National Working Group Networking 
  • CRF (Cardiovascular Research Foundation), Membru in Consiliul International