Care for the health of little ones!

Designed to cover the little one's medical needs, the Junior subscription includes pediatric checkups and one annual set of analyses, and also significant discounts on more than 20 medical specialties, imaging, laboratory, Emergency Room. Even if the subscription is intended for prevention, it is possible that more complex medical situations may occur in the child's life, so the package even includes discounts on hospitalization and checkups with physicians in Academic Partnership.


  • 6 pediatric checkups and examinations per year
  • Annual set of analyses without medical recommendation
  • Up to 50% discount on more than 20 medical specialties, imaging, laboratory analyses and complex medical investigations
  • 20% discount on the Emergency Room of PONDERAS ACADEMIC HOSPITAL, Brasov Medical Campus and Cluj Hospital
  • Up to 10% discount on hospitalization and physicians in Academic Partnership
  • Medical Hotline 24/7

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