Subscriptions for yourself

What is the subscription

Your health and the health of your loved ones has priority. Regina Maria medical subscriptions represent constant care and monitoring, through medical services that help you keep your health under control and detect any diseases on time.

Why get a subscription

Medical subscriptions help you protect your long-term health through the prevention services they include and support you in medically complicated times. Good health, less worries and more time for you and your loved ones.

Why choose Regina Maria

For 25 years we have been offering patients personalized prevention and treatment solutions, being the first provider to launch the concept of medical subscription in Romania. Through long-term vision and strategy, we have managed to be leaders in the quality of medical services, to grow sustainably and to build the future step by step.

Subscriptions for adults

Our Comfort medical packages for adults have been designed to cover both prevention – those medical services that help you monitor your health, but also to help you in case of possible complicated medical situations.

Subscriptions for children

Regardless of age, the subscriptions in the Junior range offer the essential medical services for your little ones, especially those that should not be missing from the list of prevention (consultations, investigations, vaccinations), but also support when faced with complicated medical situations.