Responsibility for the environment

Care is a feeling that guides us in everything we do, and the protection of the environment benefits from our constant attention.

Long-term plans for environmental protection

We focus our attention on all aspects that could harm the environment and manage them in a responsible manner in order to mitigate the potential negative impact they might have. Even from the design phase of workflows, we consider the potential reduction of used resources, while maintaining the quality standard of the services we provide to our patients at the level of professional excellence. The Program for preventing and reducing the quantities of waste generated from our own activity, Management and disposal plans for waste and hazardous substances resulting from medical activities, together with the Plan for the prevention and control of accidental pollution of the sewerage network and subsequent policies define the sustainability governance framework within REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network and are aligned with our strategic objectives to reduce the impact we have on the environment. We reaffirm our strong commitment to achieving the ambitious targets set by the European Commission regarding the CO2 emissions reduction and carbon neutrality and we contribute in a consistent way to improving the quality of the environment, which is so important for all of us.

The international accreditation that helps us protect the environment

For us, protecting the environment is not only an aspiration, but a self-imposed goal also stimulated by the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditations for quality and patient safety obtained by hospitals of REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network, the only two hospitals in Romania that obtained this prestigious recognition. JCI quality standards address a significant number of environmental issues, and the policies and procedures arising from them are applied in all locations of our network.

Being better through partnering with regulatory authorities

In order to be constantly in compliance with the legal requirements regarding environmental protection, we are supported by a specialized consulting firm, which guides us in achieving our objectives of correct and complete reporting to the relevant authorities as well as in identifying and implementing the best practices relevant to our sector of activity. REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network periodically reports all requested data to the Joint Commission International, National Authority for Quality Management in Healthcare - ANMCS, Public Health Directorates, Environmental Protection Agencies. Our efforts to manage and continuously reduce the impact on the environment are confirmed during the inspections carried out by the authorities, which have not issued any penalty to a REGINA MARIA clinic or hospital.

We are prepared for emergency situations

We are always ready to offer the best medical services, even in emergency situations. All REGINA MARIA hospitals are equipped with water tanks for emergency situations, which ensure the necessary water for at least 48 hours when needed or the water reserve for extinguishing fires. The water in the drinking water tanks is constantly circulated and is subject to the same strict verification and testing regime.

Protect the environment; use digital tools

Because we want to continuously reduce our impact on the environment while responding to the needs and fast pace of our patients’ life, we are developing more and more functionalities of REGINA MARIA app so that our patients have instant access to their health-related information. Despite all our efforts, a significant number of operations require information to be printed on paper; as we truly care about the environment and we strive to reduce our negative environmental impact which cannot be avoided, starting with January 2021 we have decided to use only recycled paper in all our operations. We believe that recycled paper is a greener option as it uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions than the manufacturing of non-recycled paper and at the same time reduces the amount of waste to landfill – as paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times. The additional cost is accepted by management, in favor of environmental protection.

Thorough hazardous waste management plans

REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network pays special attention to hazardous waste management, with written procedures for the efficient management at all stages: selective collection, storage, transport and disposal. At the organization level, there are separate procedures for the selective disposal of non-hazardous waste to be recycled by the external waste management services provider.

Always paying attention to compliance with the legislation, we draw up an annual hazardous waste management plan, which is approved and registered by the Public Health Directorate to which each location pertains and each REGINA MARIA location reports to the national authorities the amount of waste disposed of on a monthly basis. In addition, a plan to reduce the production of non-hazardous waste is developed annually for hospitals and aims to recycle batteries, plastic and paper/cardboard, the use of electronic medical devices instead of the classic ones (e.g. mercury thermometers), use of computerized imaging investigations instead of the classic ones, which involve the use of development solutions, materials control at the time of purchase, etc. In this program it is also mentioned the selection of a supplier for the disposal of hazardous waste using neutralization methods at the time of disposal with minimal impact on the environment. At least every six months, the Quality Department performs audits in each location, thus monitoring compliance with the safe disposal circuits of hazardous waste, the traceability of these processes being ensured by waste disposal forms, prepared in accordance with legal requirements in force. During the internal audits, the traceability documentation is verified, as well as the appropriate waste collection.

Selecting compliant suppliers and strategic service providers

REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network extends its level of responsibility to strategic service providers, who are selected according to the Provider Evaluation Procedure, which contains a series of quality and environmental criteria. In 2020, the ISO 14001: 2005 "Environmental Management System" certification evidence was requested from the providers of cleaning and hazardous waste management services who served our hospitals in Bucharest. In addition, for laundry and cleaning service providers a specific requirement concerns the reduced use of processes and substances that may have a negative impact on the environment. REGINA MARIA ensures that its waste management service providers comply with applicable legislation through specific audits.