Subscriptions for companies

What is the subscription

The people you grow your company with are the most important resource, and their health means the health of your company. Regina Maria subscriptions help you protect them in the long run.

Why get a subscription

Prevention is the first step towards good long-term health, both for employees and the company! Regina Maria medical subscriptions help you achieve it.

Why choose Regina Maria

For 25 years we have been offering employers personalized prevention and treatment solutions, being the first provider to launch such medical services, both for large companies and for SMEs and entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road.

Corporate subscriptions

Our portfolio holds over 670,000 corporate subscriptions that include a wide range of services, from occupational medicine, family medicine and emergency and hospitalization options.

Subscriptions for SMEs

The Regina Maria network has created a unique range of subscriptions, dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which offer your employees access to quality medical services in over 350 clinics across the country.

Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine is a mandatory service for any company, regardless of size, industry and profile. At the same time, it is essential for monitoring the health of employees.