Impact through education

Our development strategy is based on the trust that our patients place in us, and our continuous efforts to provide prompt, high-quality services are supported by the involvement of the best medical professionals. Our education pillar addresses several specific issues of the Romanian market:

We invest in today's generation for a tomorrow's generation ready to face the challenges with determination and know-how

European Nursing Academy

We launched the European Nursing Academy, the first university degree program in Romania, with a diploma offered by an international university, developed together with Coventry University in the United Kingdom. At the end of a 3-year theoretical and practical study program, students obtain an internationally recognized diploma that allows them to pursue the profession of nurse in many European countries without having to go through a complicated study equivalence process.

This program offers students several types of scholarships that can cover almost entirely the tuition fees. In the fall of 2021, the second generation of European Nursing Academy students began their courses.

In our view, nurses and hospital housekeepers have an important contribution to the well-being of our patients. The quality of the services offered by REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network depends on each of us, and our success is built by all of us, together.

Surgical Training Institute

This center has 9 training stations and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as equipment that supports 4K 3D transmissions for video conferencing and surgical demonstrations for the purpose of a real-time international collaboration. The Surgical Training Institute program covers several areas, including endoscopy, general surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, orthopedics, neurosurgery and robotic surgery.

In 2021, REGINA MARIA - The Private Healthcare Network responded to doctors’ and nurses’ constant need of professional development by organizing through Surgical Training Institute (STI), a number of 14 events dedicated to training in minimally-invasive surgery and robotic or endoscopically-assisted surgeries to develop skills and advanced surgical techniques of resident doctors and specialists with little experience and to increase the professionalism of young doctors.

The Royal Club of Physicians

The Royal Club of Physicians, the association supported by REGINA MARIA under the High Patronage of the Romanian Royal House, which brings together medical elites and supports the professional development of doctors and nurses, organized virtual events with more than 7,700 participants, during which the medical news of the year was discussed.

Scientific and specialized articles

In 2021, our specialists published approximately 330 articles on our site in “The Dictionary of Affections”, “The Dictionary of Analyzes” as well as in the dedicated section for medical education articles

Growing a more informed and empowered generation of patients, by taking care of the communities we are part of

2021 has been another challenging year for all of us, but especially for those who were already vulnerable. As we do yearly, we partnered once again with several prestigious NGOs that strive to make a difference in underprivileged communities, offering them financial support, as well as medical assistance and COVID-19 testing.

Servicii medicale
Medical subscriptions

An investment in quality healthcare, prevention and education.

Servicii medicale
Increased accessibility to preventive and primary care services

by constantly creating new offline and digital infrastructure