People's development

Growing the medical elite

At Regina Maria, we recognize the importance of nurturing and advancing the medical elite. Our commitment to this cause is evident in our three distinct projects to foster excellence in the medical field. 

The Surgical Training Institute (STI) is a beacon of our dedication, having organized 14 events in 2021 alone. These events, attended by 219 participants and instructed by 234 lecturers, were tailored to train in minimally invasive surgery and robotic or endoscopically-assisted surgeries. The STI has state-of-the-art facilities, including 9 training stations and advanced equipment that supports 4K 3D transmissions for real-time international collaboration. The program spans various medical domains, from endoscopy and general surgery to neurosurgery and robotic surgery. 

Furthermore, the Royal Club of Physicians, supported by Regina Maria, is an association that unites the medical elites. This club has been instrumental in organizing virtual events, discussing the latest medical advancements, and supporting the professional growth of doctors and nurses. 

Lastly, The European Nursing Academy is the first university degree program in Romania, developed in collaboration with an international university. This unique partnership ensures that students receive a world-class education tailored to the demands of the modern medical field.