Dr. Annamaria Demeter

Arii de interes:

  • Calitatea aerului si patologiile asociate fumatului

Activitate stiintifica si de cercetare:

  • 2012 -2017: Building capacity for tobacco research in Romania. Finantator: National Institutes of Health USA, Fogarty International Center.
  • 2014: Demeter Annamaria, Szasz Zsuzsanna, H. Moldovan, Z. Abram, and Mirela Gliga: The Implications of Hazardous Waste Neutralization on Employees Health: A Case Study, Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi, 118(1): 178
  • Szasz Zs, Demeter A, Biro L, Moldovan H, Abram Z, Botianu P, Gliga P: Smoking Generated PM2.5 Exposure 2014: Among Transylvanian Students, Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi, 118(1): 154-159,  http://www.revmedchir.ro/
  • 2013: Szasz Zsuzsanna Agnes, Demeter Annamaria, Abram Z, Moldovan H.R, Biro L, Balint I, Kikeli P: Air quality monitoring among universities in aTg-Mures, Annual Scientific Session of UMF Tg.Mures, Acta Medica Marisiensis, 59S:32
  • 2014: Mathe H, Miko A, Hail EB, Szasz A, Demeter A, Biro L: Particulate matter (PM2,5) concentration in different workplaces, Annual Conference of Students, UMF Tg. Mures, Orvostudományi Értesíto, 87: 110
  • 2014: Szász Zs. A, Demeter A, Bíró L, Moldovan H, Hauser C, Ábrám Z, Botianu P.:  Romanian Students Second Hand Smoke Related PM 2.5 Exposure, 15th Annual Meeting, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco-Europe, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • 2014: Biro L, Szasz Zs, Iclanzan-Demeter A, Abram Z, Bacarea V: Comparativ secondhand smoke exposure among 1 year in Targu Mures universities, Acta Medica Marisiensis
  • 2015: Szasz Zs, L. Biro, H. Moldovan, V. Bacarea, C. Hauser, Demeter A, P. Botianu, Z. Abram, PM 2.5 Determination, an Indicator on Romanian Young Adults SHS Exposure, 16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Abu Dhabi
  • 2016: Lehotsky Á, Szilágyi L, Demeter-Iclanzan A, Haidegger T, Wéber G: Education of hand rubbing technique to prospective medical staff, employing UV-based digital imaging technology, List of Issues , Volume 63, Issue 2 , DOI: 10.1556/030.63.2016.2.6