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Even the best doctors need a performing test laboratory, because the right treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Thus, we have developed a division comprising 33 laboratories and a central lab – a technological benchmark for the Romanian healthcare system.

Furthermore, we provide national coverage through our own collection points across the country.

REGINA MARIA Central Laboratory is labeled as a Roche Diagnostic reference for biochemistry and immunology and it is a technological milestone for the Romanian medical system.

Pathological anatomy

Pathological anatomy results are interpreted by experienced specialists who have the latest generation Roche technology. Our Central Laboratory has the fastest time to issue the PAP examination: only 72 hours in emergency and it provides complete solutions for cervical cancer screening.

Biochemistry and immunology

Thanks to Roche Diagnostic top-notch technology, the first of its kind in Romania, human error is close to zero and 90% of biochemistry and immunology results are provided in the same day. ROCHE DIAGNOSTIC LINE means the latest generation for in vitro diagnosis. It is a fully automated system that provides high-accuracy, highest-speed results.


MALDI TOF mass spectrometer  traces the unique "molecular fingerprint" of each microorganism, and then compares it with a complete database containing 40,000 germs. The specialists in this department have expertise in bacteriology, micology, parasitology and virology and a wide range of lab tests.

Hematology – coagulation

Approximately 27,000 blood counts are performed each month in the hematology-coagulation department. The latest generation devices allow the determination of 22 parameters of the blood count, including the absolute and relative reticulocyte count.

Molecular and genetic biology

Roche cobas ® 4800 system in the molecular biology department eliminates manual maneuvers and reduces the risk of carryover contamination. The platform allows for the performance of unique, accredited and internationally recognized investigations. Services include: genetic tests, screening, confirmation, genotyping tests, and a series of quantitative tests, all performed with the high performance technology.

Regina Maria Central laboratory in numbers:

20 million tests
can be carried out every year, of which 4,000,000 on the Roche Diagnostic line. One for each inhabitant of Romania
15,000 liters
of blood processed every year in the laboratory, the equivalent of the cumulated amount in the bodies of 3,000 adults
2200 patients served every year
This is roughly the number of taste buds in an individual’s oral cavity.
3 hours
This is all the time we need to perform a rapid negative urinalysis and this is, on an average, the digestion time in the small intestine.
PAP tests performed by our specialists every month. It’s about the same number of receptors found on just one square centimeter of skin.
72 hours
We have the shortest time of a PAP result delivery. During the same time, our stomach restores the mucosa cells.
bacteria identified by us every day, in only 2 minutes. It’s the same amount of calories that we can burn on half an hour of skiing.
blood counts performed every month, the equivalent of the inhalations and exhalations of a grownup during one day.
the total surface area of the Central Laboratory
57 specialists
33 laboratories in the Regina Maria network