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Prevention is the first step towards health. This is why, more than 20 years ago, REGINA MARIA launched the corporate medical packages as a first in Romania. Today, we continue to innovate and develop new medical products and solutions, to the benefit of our subscribers, be they large corporations, SMEs or retail customers.


  • Occupational Health: required medical examinations
  • Expert / Expert Ultra / Expert Complete: three subscription plans that can be topped-up with 10 additional medical service options
  • Priority / Priority Plus: Premium package with priority access to doctors
  • One shots: tailor-made screenings, check ups and prevention courses


  • IMM Plus / IMM Optim / IMM Ultra: standardised medical packages for SMEs 
  • Extra care: extra medical service options that can be added to an SME package 
  • Comfort / Comfort Plus / Comfort Extra / Comfort Premium: four individual subscription options with varying discount on selected services 
    Corporate retention rate
    SMEs retention rate

    Going the extra mile for our corporate clients

    We offer various packages of healthcare services and solutions that are best suited to the specificities of the industry where the company is active.

    A doctor dedicated to the company and to each employee, who can be contacted for medical advice, interpretation of test results or more details about the treatment.

    We are there for you whenever a medical emergency arises, at home or at work, through our ambulance service and emergency medical hotline.

    Having relevant and specific experience for your company and field of work, the dedicated Account Manager offers prompt support in communicating the benefits of the medical packages to the employees as well as in solving medical emergencies or addressing specific feedback.

    A digital platform for HR specialists, through which they can have access to the structure of the contracted healthcare packages

     A complex feedback system which allows the patients to evaluate the visit to the clinic and rate the doctors and the aspects relating to the environment and attitude of the staff. Clintelica measures the patients’ satisfaction in real time and supports the ongoing optimization of processes and activities in REGINA MARIA locations.

    A dedicated consultant who provides guidance along the medical journey when faced with a complex medical situation, who takes personal charge of making appointments for all the necessary medical investigations and procedures and carefully monitors the treatment until the health issue is solved.

    Developed according to international guidelines, these are recommended by the doctor depending on the specific characteristics of the employees from each company.

    We are there for our clients wherever they are, especially at work. We have the necessary experience and resources to develop and manage dedicated examination rooms, at the headquarters of our client companies.