Mission & values

Our values are inspired by genuine care for people, empathy and standard-setting medical practices


We pursue excellence in integrated medical solutions. Furthermore, we permanently strive to develop the medical infrastructure, the professional expertise of our staff and the communication with our patients.


We believe in an affordable premium healthcare system that is both complete in terms of the covered medical spectrum and driven by respect and genuine care for people.


Impact in people’s lives

Memorable, positive experiences
Doing things differently
REGINA MARIA wants to matter to others

Genuine care for people

Offering empathy and warmth
The good of the people is REGINA MARIA’s main purpose
Solutions oriented

Entrepreneurial collaboration

“Partners” that negotiate in collaboration
Only communicate the truth
Follow common objectives
Find win-win solutions



Accountability for what is decided, which is communicated
Decisions are taken in everyone’s best interest, not only in REGINA MARIA’s

Continuous learning

Support to those that are less experienced
Information and experience sharing
Constructive feedback