George Radoicovici

Academic Lead, The European Academy for Nursing

George has been part of the REGINA MARIA team since 2020, when he joined as Dean ofThe European Academy for Nursing . He runs the BA program providing classes and practice patterned on the British model on the Academy campus.
A medical nurse by training, George started working for the Ambulance Service in Ploiești during his university years. It was here that he developed crisis management skills.

In the 12 years he spent in England, working for the National Health System in elderly care homes and penitentiaries, George learned to identify and treat patients’ health needs, as well as alleviate the suffering of terminal patients.

Throughout his career, he has specialized in management and coaching by means of classes and specialty programs. He has an experience of 10 years in healthcare management and values the role played by teamwork in medical care.