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The largest network of multi-specialty clinics in Bucharest and the country: 22 of our own locations (Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov, Constanta, Bacau, Craiova, Pitesti) and over 180 partner multi-specialty clinics throughout the country


4 hospitals

2 maternity hospitals

Baneasa Hospital

We rethought our medical services for the mother and child, in order to provide assistance for both of them in the same place.

Euroclinic Hospital

Here, you will find a team of remarcable doctors, using the ultimate medical equipments in order to provide you with top health services.

Brasov Obstetrics-Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital

The Hospital in Brasov is part of our local medical campus which also includes a clinic and a medical laboratory.

Bacau Medical Campus

Bucharest Maternity

Our attention and care are dedicated to both the mother and her child, by offering step-by-step support and expertise in all the key moments of their lives.

Brasov Maternity

As one of the most modern maternities in Europe, we use French and German inspired medical techniques, as well as comfort therapies for the future moms.

Medical Campuses

5 Medical Campuses

Bucharest Campus - Baneasa

Consisting of two major components – The Baneasa Hospital and The Baneasa Polyclinic – the Baneasa Medical Campus offers a complete range of top medical services.

Brasov Campus

In partnership with Teo Health, we opened the 3.000 square meters medical campus, which hosts over 19 medical offices and a very talented team of doctors.

Bacau Campus

Our medical campus offers you a variety of medical specialties, as well as performant medical imaging techniques, for a complete and personalized diagnosis.

Constanta Campus

Benefits from the competence of more than 60 healthcare professionals, includes 15 medical cabinets and has a surface of 1000 sqm.

Imaging Centers

5 Imaging Centers

Bucharest Center - Floreasca Clinic

Within Floreasca clinic was opened a new imaging center in partnership with Affidea Romania, where patients have access to comprehensive medical services at the highest level, a top medical team and last generation imaging diagnostic equipment.

Bucharest Center - Sun Plaza Clinic

Equipment for nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) and a modern conventional radiology device, which offer the possibility of some exceptional non-invasive investigations.

Bucharest Center - Baneasa Clinic

Center of excellence in imaging: CT, MRI, bone densitometry, mammography, radiology

Brasov Center

Complex imaging investigations center: mammography, state-ofthe-art Voluson E8 ultrasound, radiology, CT, MRI.

Bacau Center

During its 10 years of activity, it has become a recognized name on the market of medical services in Bacau, it being the first private clinic in Moldova which introduced on the medical market the computed tomography (CT) and the magnetic resonance (MRI).

Clinical Laboratories

The Clinical Laboratories Division (Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Bacau)

Stem Cells Bank

  • Safest stem cell bank, with exclusive storage in Romania
  • Single stem cell bank which offers harvesting and storage in Romania of umbilical cord tissue
  • Stores only stem cells, not whole blood
Longest operation: 21 hours for Acoustic Neuroma
Largest tumor operated: 9.6 kg uterine cancer
Medical first in Romania involving the administration of a complex twin pregnancy
Innovation: 98-year-old patient operated on for hip arthroplasty
First cochlear implant surgery in the Romanian private medical system

Online Services

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